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TOMORROW omgwtfboardingpass

Uhm, I've been in a lot of airports lately?

It had started out quite by accident, of course - Benton never planned on bringing Ray to sexual completion with his hand in the bathroom of the Yellowknife airport just before the plane boarded. These things just sort of happened. However, he couldn’t help but notice how much more relaxed Ray was as they got to their seats, and how quickly Ray fell asleep, his head a warm weight against Benton’s shoulder.

It was certainly preferable to spending hours trapped in too small seats with a cantankerous, jittery and down right annoying Ray Kowalski.

If the next time they found themselves getting ready for a long flight, Benton escorted Ray into the bathroom and fellated him until he heard the boarding call for flight 2943, it was helpful to everyone.

Ray was a very astute man, so naturally he noticed the pattern of events, and the fact that Benton never left time for his own satisfaction. So, while waiting for their luggage to be removed from the plane, Ray dragged Benton into the bathroom of the Inuvik airport and returned the favor in like kind.

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