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Jack has a magnet on his fridge with a quote from the Simpsons: "Beer. The cause of and solution to all of life's problems."

By about the tenth time she'd seen it, Sam had caved to the temptation to swipe it, and then stuck it inside Jack's locker. It had moved around a lot after that - through Hammond's office (unfortunately, the magnet wouldn't stick to most of the more interesting stuff in his office, though the filing cabinet had been something of a coup - she didn't know how Daniel had managed that, and wasn't even sure that Jack wasn't playing along himself). Daniel had snickered appreciatively, the first to notice it when it turned up in the gate room, and had also been the one, after a particularly challenging day, to stick a post-it note reading "Jack O'Neill" over the top of the "beer". You could say one thing for Daniel's extensive lifelong studies - he could write small when he wanted to. Teal'c went all impassive and terribly Jaffa at that point, but they all knew each other well enough by that point that Sam could see the broad smile lurking below the reserve.

She wasn't sure when he'd done it - Sam was in her lab most of the waking hours she spent that weren't offworld, and it wasn't as if she did much sleeping these days either - but at some point in the next week it landed on a naquadah generator she'd been working on, and with Jack's name erased and "C4" in its place.

Sam just shook her head, grinned at what she figured was going to be the unofficial team motto (she bet Jack would want it on baseball caps if anyone would let him get away with it), and had Siler break into the Colonel's locker for her again so she could leave a six-pack of his favourite beer in there.
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