Nos (nos4a2no9) wrote in mjcountdown,

Eight days! Crapola!

They are never going to have a normal relationship. And it’s not because they are both men, or both police officers. Fraser is a mad genius born in another century and dropped into the twisting valleys of urban America. And Ray is a sun threatening to go supernova at any second, too much energy to be safely contained within the fragile limits of a human body. They are not able to love as other people love. Ray had learned as much from Stella. His devotion to her was a cosmic occurrence; hers was decidedly terrestrial, finite, and subject to circumstance. And Fraser...Fraser is incapable of being ordinary in anything. And so their coming-together played out as the birth of the universe did so long ago: a sonic boom, a gathering of celestial dust and radioactive rock, a messy, glorious enjoining of disparate parts into something extraordinary.
Tags: due south
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