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15 days. Barely two weeks!

This is one of those mental offshoots that came from writing yesterday's fic. Because etben asked a question and this arrived in the brain.

Fraser doesn’t understand the games so many people play, when it comes to relationships. The covers of women’s magazines have baffling headlines: 10 Ways to Make Your Man Your Slave. How to Keep Him Happy: In Bed and Out! that obviously don’t help anyone, because if the advice was of any use, it would have diffused through the population already, rendering the magazines useless.

But sometimes, Fraser will play little games with himself. The only person that can be hurt by them are himself, and he’s more than accustomed to it.

In his head, Fraser likes to pretend that being out in public is the only thing keeping him from making a move on Ray, as he licks soy sauce from his fingers. He’ll convince himself that when they retire to Ray’s apartment for the evening, that he won’t pick up his hat and walk home with Dief before the clock strikes twelve.

And when he doesn’t take Ray’s wrist in hand to remove the lingering foodstuffs, when he and Dief do walk home under the sodium lights, he tells himself maybe tomorrow.
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