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19 Days!

I thought I'd get in early and give shoemaster a day off.

(And maybe it'd go something like this:)

Vala would lounge unselfconsciously like an overgrown spoiled cat and give him 'come-here' eyes whereas Daniel - who can do subtle, but just doesn't usually bother - will just blow straight past that by curling his fingers around Cam's wrist and running the side of his foot up Cam's leg, hooking it around his calf and tugging. Daniel'll take orders when he has to, but generally speaking he's going to have his own say somehow or another. Cam's pretty sure Jack warned him about that tendency, but he's also pretty sure that O'Neill didn't mean it in anything more than a "gag him before he starts snake-baiting" sense for their off-world missions.

Special occasions notwithstanding, Cam had no idea just how prophetic it was going to be when he told General Landry he wasn't exactly 'in charge' of his team. He just never figured on that ending up holding true in bed as well as in the field.
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Heeeeeee. They are all so pretty. So what if I never watch SG-1?

and omg thank you
*grin* Aren't they?? I am slightly in love with ALL OF THEM (and also Sam) right now. <3

You're welcome. Also, I should have something else tonight because, um, I maybe sent Kat a TEN TEXT MESSAGE LONG ficlet this afternoon which I am planning to transcribe. Dear SG-1, way to EAT MY BRAIN. :D