an embarrassment of scarves (shoemaster) wrote in mjcountdown,
an embarrassment of scarves

Twenty days! *twirl*

This is totally on time! I swear.

Ray’s not allowed to play games with Frannie’s kids anymore. Sports? Yeah, sure, but like, those party games? No way. First of all, those things are rigged and Fraser gets all bent out of shape when Ray tries to debate an answer, or you know, borrow from the youngest one. You’d think after all these years Fraser would understand the importance of teamwork.

Plus, Frannie got all mad at him after he, uh, expanded the kids vocabulary after a game of Scattergories. The letter was ‘F’ and it was aerobic activity, what else was he supposed to put? (“Fencing. Fishing. Fly fishing would have gotten you two points actually.” “Shut up, Fraser.”)
Tags: due south
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