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11 days to go!

And a snippet of

Cam wakes up in the middle of the bed, with his face mashed in between the pillows and he can tell by the scratch on the headboard (from when he was hauling it into his apartment and hit it on the doorframe) that he's well over on the left side - which is so not how he usually sleeps, but that's when he realises that someone's trailing their fingertips ever-so-slowly down the middle of his back, up and down and up again, and it feels so good, especially since he's kind of woozy and as near to mildly hungover as makes no difference, but he can't quite work out who it could be, since he can't feel the heat of another body near him, but they've got to be on the bed (or in it, he hopes it's in, Cam is a big fan of first-thing-in-the-morning sex) to be touching him, and it's just as he's stretching slowly under the touch and about to murmur something encouraging that he has a vivid flash to the night before. To Vala handing him yet-another glass of dutch courage, before telling Daniel throatily that she thought Cam had had enough (Cam had nodded dumbly, torn betweeen staring at her and staring at Daniel), to Daniel manhandling him into his apartment and tilting him towards the bed, to-- to his hand closing around Daniel's wrist and tugging, asking him to stay. He didn't think anything more than just sleeping had happened, didn't usually lose time and he hadn't been that drunk, just- looser, but he felt himself tense up a little anyway.

Daniel's voice drifts across from the side of the bed and the barely-there touch vanishs as if it'd never been. "Mitchell? You really kind of suck at pretending to be asleep."

He swallows hard around the dryness of his mouth, and finds a response rising automatically to his lips. "Jackson? You really kind of suck at pretending you're not hitting on me."

And he levers himself up on his elbow, looking at Daniel (who is under the covers, praise be) and his steady gaze, and it's the easiest thing in the world (and he didn't need alcohol or Vala holding his hand, metphorically or literally, as much as she might be in favour of the literal, but there was time for that later), absolutely the easiest thing he's ever done to just move over and kiss him; let the sheets scrunch up underneath him as he slides, hands on Daniel's face and his back, letting himself sink down and mindless into how good he feels.
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