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Snippet: Safety in Numbers

Right, so shoemaster is apparently "busy" with finals. (Air quotes. She's got me using air quotes). So I'll pick up the slack and post. In conclusion, 12 days!

Ray wants to tell Fraser to be careful. To think before he charges into a burning building or jumps out of a window or tosses them both out of an airplane. The Mountie has a tendency to show very little regard for his own life and the peace of mind of his partner. Just now, while Fraser lies flat on his back beside Ray and tries to sleep even though the light is on, Ray wants nothing more than to roll over and wrap himself around Fraser and tell him that he needs to think and to watch out and to please, for the love of God, be careful. But that's not what they do, so he keeps quiet. Instead, Ray keeps his eyes locked on his magazine and tries to relax his leg where it touches Fraser’s. He lies there and acts like he’s fascinated by the latest Ringworld. He pretends that they’re equals and Fraser doesn’t have a death wish and that his whole life does not depend on making sure his lover is safe and whole.
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Awwwwwwww BOYFRIENDS. Ray needs to put down that magazine and just roll over on to Fraser and wrap himself around him. He'd feel much better.

And I am busy with finals! I hate school and am wanting to be done with it all. So yay for negating that a little bit.
Ohh, Ray. Oww. And, yeah, I can so see that, yes. Very well put together...