an embarrassment of scarves (shoemaster) wrote in mjcountdown,
an embarrassment of scarves

17 days!

Most people would say Joe and Billy have a dysfunctional relationship. Joe’d tell ‘em they were full of shit, their relationship functioned just fine, thanks for fucking nothing, asshole. Joe and Billy understood each other and nobody else understood that, because no one else understood Joe or Billy.

“Move over, fucker.” Billy shoved Joe a little before dropping next to him on the bench.

“John driving?”

“Yeah, Pipe’s passed out in the passenger’s seat,” he said around a cigarette.

Joe let him have the first puff before tugging it out of Billy’s lips and bringing it to his own.

“Such a cunt,” Billy said, but Joe could feel him relaxing into the seat, letting his weight shift until he was pressed up against his side.

Joe threw an arm over his shoulder. “You fuckin’ love me.”
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